Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Idea - The Youvie

It is just past three o'clock in the morning so take this thought with a grain of salt...The Youvie. You film scenes from my script and I'll link to them and vice versa.

I originally pitched this Magic Circus script to Gunn Productions, they did College Road Trip and Adam Sandler's latest, Bedtime Stories. The woman I talked to liked it, and asked to see pages, but has yet to get back to me (Hi Heather!). The likelihood of getting a movie made is pretty slim, the average pic costs more than $100 mil to do, so no one's going to take a flier on just any shmoe. However, anyone can make a movie. My 7-year old has made a movie. It was short and he needed help, but still you see my point.

Or maybe you don't.

Here's the challenge, get a camera, find some friends, film a scene and send me the link. If we get enough people making Youvies, we'll have a real movie one day.

It is now 3:26 and I'm going to lie down.

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