Friday, December 5, 2008

The Magic Circus - Scene 7

Outside an In-N-Out Burger, all eat with gusto except Monk who is picking at fries, dipping them in a huge mound of ketchup. Monk looks at Bilge.

Monk – You wanna tell him?

Bilge – No, you do it. You fucked her first.

Bud (mumbles with mouth full) – Dude, you ruined the ending…

Bilge (laughing) – Yeah, but he (points at Monk) ruined the beginning.

No talking. Street noise. They all continue eating except for Kent who looks from each to each.

Kent – That’s it?

Nel – What more do you need?

Kent – Heaps! Who is she? Where’s she from? How did you two meet her…heaps, there’s heaps more I need to know.

Bilge – What, are ya’ writin’ a book?

End scene

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