Friday, December 5, 2008

The Magic Circus - Scene 6

At pool, music blares from the house, Simon & Garfunkel’s “America.” Bilge is floating on an inflatable raft. Monk in bathing suit stands at deep end and drops himself into the water straight down, legs extended, he sinks to bottom. Camera passes through the water past Bilge then down and approaches Monk who is now seated at the bottom of the pool. Music muffled. Close up on Monk’s face and the camera rises, breaks the surface of the water and moves in on Nel and Bud who are on lounge chairs drinking beer.

Nel – We’re not driving to Santa Barbara to see Clarice.

Bud – No fucking way. It’s two hours in the wrong direction.

Monk (In pool, arms resting on deck, S & G’s “The Boxer” fills the air) – What if she comes here?

Bud drinks beer and shrugs.

Nel shouts to Bilge.

Nel – Bilge!

Bilge grunts, doesn’t lift head off raft.

Nel – What did you say to Clarice?

Monk lifts himself out of the pool. Kent approaches, hands Monk a beer. Bilge says nothing.

Kent stands facing Bud and Nel, next to Monk, turns, asking all of them.

Kent – Can someone now please tell me who this Clarice bird is?

Bud turns to Nel.

Bud – Hungry?

Nel – A bit peckish, yes.

Kent – Fuckin’ ‘el.

Bud – Double-Double?

Nel – Double-Double.

Monk – Double-Double

Bud makes circular motion with his hand in the air.

Bud – Three orange whips.

Kent shouts at Bilge

Kent – Bilge!

Bilge lifts his head.

Bilge – I can eat, yeah.

Kent – That’s not what I…

But Bilge has rolled off the raft and is underwater.

Kent – Oh, bugger the lot of you.

End Scene

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