Friday, December 5, 2008

The Magic Circus - Scene 10

In van, Nel’s driving, Bud’s in passenger seat, he hears an unrecognizable (to audience) song on the stereo.

Bud – No. We’ve heard enough Cap’n music for one night.

Bud turns stereo to radio, the Rolling Stones come on, “I can’t get no satisfaction…”

Nel (looking ahead, driving) – What’s up with Monkeyboy?

Bud (sighs, turns down volume) – He didn’t want me to tell you guys…

Bilge (leaning forward from second row of seats, where he sits next to Kent) – But you are…

Bud – Yes, that’s the kind of friend I am.

Nel – Noble.

Bud – He was fired four months ago.

Nel – Oh.

Bud – Yeah, he’s kind of goin’ through a rough patch.

Nel – Ah.

A female voice comes from the GPS.

Gloria – Left turn, 200 feet.

Bud – What the hell?

Kent – That’s Gloria, our GPS Sheila.

Bud – Why didn’t you call her Sheila?

Kent – Kind of obvious, that, don’ ya’ think?

Bud – I suppose.

Squeeze comes on the radio, Cool for Cats.
They all listen, quiet and thoughtful for a moment.

Bud – It’s cool. The Monk always lands on his feet.

Nel – Like a cat.

Bilge – Or a kitten.

Kent – In a French maid’s uniform.

Bilge – With tassles.

End scene

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