Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Magic Circus - Cast of Characters

Now, before those who know me look at this cast and say, hmm...this situation looks familiar, let me point out Joe is a graphic designer not a PR flak; he has one son, not two; and he live in Redmond (land of the Evil Empire aka Microsoft), whereas I prefer to live elsewhere.

Like Joe, though, I do not have a job, which is not to say I am unemployed.

Joe Monk (32), nickname Monkeyboy, an unemployed graphic designer living in Redmond. Best man to Bud
Mary (32) his wife
Junior (8) nickname Mookie, their son
Bud (32), nickname Dr. Snip, the groom to be, vasectomy doctor in LA
Walter (32), Bud's cousin, cropduster

The Australian Groomsmen:
Bilge, real name unknown, (33) computer animation expert
Nelson, nickname Nel or Nellie (34) barrister
Kent, nickname Captain, (31) lead guitar in a popular Australian band

The Bride (28) name, age, occupation unknown and unmentioned
Father of the Bride (to be played by John Ratzenberger [Cliffie])

Clarice (32)
Rachel (8) Clarice's daughter, paternity unclear
Gloria (GPS voice)
Old Indian Man (timeless)
Young Indian Woman (ditto)
Large Black Man

The Magic Circus (animated):
Rat (Bilge)
Dog (Bud)
Koala (Kent)
Wombat – (Wally)
Elephant – (Nellie)
Lion - (Lance)
Hyena - (Harry)
Monkey – (Joe)
The Cat – (Himself)
Female Cat – (Clarice)
Assorted others...

I'm happy to answer any questions about the aforementioned. A PowerPoint presentation will be made available as things get complicated and need explication.

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