Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Magic Circus - Scene 2

Mary and Monk are sitting in their car in front of Alaska Airlines, Seatac. It's raining. Both looking forward in silence. Monk turns and leans towards Mary, she pulls away. Green Day is playing barely audible on the car stereo, “I hope you have the time of your life”

Monk - I'll call you.

Mary - Right.

Monk - Mary...

Mary - Joe, if you would just spend half as much energy on keeping a job as you do on those freakin’ animals...

Monk - I thought you liked Bud and Nellie.

Mary - (looks at him, pauses) It's not funny anymore.

Monk - It's a little funny.

Mary says nothing, looks ahead. Monk looks at her, then gets out of the car. Opens the back door and pulls out his backpack. Shuts door, stands at curb, leans down to wave into the window. Mary doesn't turn to look, pulls away from Joe. Monk stands and watches her drive off into the rain and out of sight.

Monk turns and walks into the Alaska Airlines terminal, doors slide open, he enters, doors close.

End Scene

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