Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Magic Circus - Scene 3

LAX terminal doors slide open, Monk walks out, wearing backpack and headphones, The Doors play..."LA Woman." Monk looks left, then right, walks toward International terminal.

Monk looks at his phone, text message from Bud reads:
“The Eagle has landed.”

Monk types “Roger.” as he walks.

Flash to screen of Bud’s phone. "Message from Mary Monk" Bud looks confused. He opens message “Roger” appears.

Pan up to Bud, smiling. Phone rings.

Nel – We’ve cleared customs.

Bud – Cavity search?

Nel – They found nothing.

Bud – Not even a soul?

Nel – Not for lack of tryin’ Where is ya’?

Noises in the background, voices. Scene shifts to inside of airport. Nel is dragging a suitcase with one hand, phone in the other. Behind him Kent, in Akubra felt hat, carries a guitar case, wears a large backpack and drags a big suitcase. He talks to Bilge who has only a backpack, but both hands are busy pulling the SIM card out of one phone and putting it in another.

Kent – …I’m not going to go two fuckin’ weeks without me guitar…

Bilge kicks at rolling suitcase.

Bilge – What about this fucker, eh, what’s in there, sheet music?

Kent – I play by ear.

Flash to Bud’s ear and the voice of Nelson coming through phone into said ear.

Nel – We have visual.

Bud hangs up, exits van. The Aussies roll up, start singing ‘Waltzing Matilda’ Monk is now in sight, too. He watches from a distance as the Aussies greet Bud with hugs and grab-assing. Kent keeps singing.

Kent – ...Up jumped the swagman, sprang into the billabong…drowning himself 'neath the Coolibah tree...

Monk yells from 30 feet.

Monk – You’re a walking cliché, Captain!

Kent – Monk! Get a dog up ya’!

Switch to Bud and Nel walking, Nel’s arm over Bud’s shoulder. They approach the back of the van.

Bud – You look like shit.

Nel – I feel like a hundred dollars.

Bud – Kangaroo dollars or real dollars?

Nel lifts bags, motions to van.

Nel – What’s this running?

Bud – Fitty a day.

Nel – And we’ve got it to Frisco?

Bud – ‘Frisco’?

Bud looks at Nel, who pays him no mind.

Bud – It’s all Monkeyboy let me cover…He got the rooms in Vegas and in San FRAN-cisco.

Nel – We’ll square up later.

Kent, Bilge and Monk are still standing on the other side of the van. A Midwestern-looking man walks by.

Midwest Man – You guys from Australia.

Kent – What gave it away, mate?

Bilge – (snide aside) – The reek of piss.

Monk watches as the Midwest Man addresses Kent and Bilge with a smile.

Midwest Man – Well, can you ‘put another shrimp on the barbi’ for me?

Kent – They’re PRAWNS.

Bilge – And you don’t barbecue prawns, mate. Chops and sausages. CHOPS and SAUSAGES!

They both turn their back on Midwest Man. Monk steps forward and speaks to the offended Midwest Man.

Monk – You’ll have to excuse them, sir, they’re, well, dicks.

Midwest Man – I thought Australians were supposed to be nice.

Monk – Only the nice ones, sir, only the nice ones.

The van is loaded. Bud is behind the wheel, Nel shotgun. Kent and Monk are in the second row. Bilge sits alone in the back.

Bud - Hey Monk. Did you know Mary's name shows up when you call from your phone?

Monk - Yeah, she bought the plan for two phones, we're indivisible, you know.

Bilge - Ain't that sweet.

The van pulls away from the curb.

End Scene

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