Friday, December 5, 2008

The Magic Circus - Scene 5

Van pulls up in front of a neatly kept home in Pasadena. As van doors open the Beastie Boys sing “You’ve got to fight for the right to Parr-tee…” The music stops abruptly as Bud pulls key from the ignition. Bags pulled from van. Bilge walks over, points to house behind him with his thumb.

Bilge – Is this it, then?

Bud – Home sweet home.

Monk – White picket fence.

Bud – It’s a goddamn paradise.

Bilge – Where’s the missus?

Nel walking by speaks in country-fuck accent.

Nel – With her folks up in SAN FRAN-cisco.

Bilge – So, have you got a pool?

Bud walks past with bags and speaks to Bilge.

Bud – Yeah, we have a pool.

Monk walks by and speaks to Bilge.

Monk – AND a pond.

Kent is now approaching carrying a bag and his guitar, speaks to Bilge.

Kent – The pond would be good for you.

Bilge turns to take a gander at the house and the neighborhood.

Bilge – Sweet.

End scene

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